Intellectual Property

Novoxel Ltd. is renowned for its groundbreaking technology and allocates many resources towards R&D, Intellectual Property and relentless protection of its Intellectual Property rights.

Intellectual Property protection that promotes innovation is central to fulfilling Novoxel®’s mission to offer a better aesthetic dermatologic treatment experience for the benefit of patients and doctors.

Accordingly, Novoxel globally employs a strong intellectual property strategy with a vast portfolio, including but not limited to patents and designs, that support, protect and promote innovation. The protection afforded by strong patents and designs allows Novoxel the readiness to publicly disclose information about its inventions.

The products listed on this website, either alone or in combination with other product(s), are protected by one or more of patents and/or designs. Additional patents and/or designs may be issued and/or pending in the United States or elsewhere.

Patents & Designs


USA US 9,402,678 B2
USA US 10,327,832 B2
USA US 10,702,328 B2
USA US 11,083,515 B2
USA US 11,291,498 B2
USA US 11,439,455 B2
European Union EP 2 459 092 B1
European Union EP 3 193 761 B1
European Union EP 3 082 634 B1
Israel 217734
Israel 251150
Israel 246267
Israel 278403
Israel 279617
Israel 279618
Israel 267166
Japan P5774001
Japan 2012-522334
Japan 2019-552858
Japan 2020-017872
China ZL 2014 8 0074496.5
China ZL 2015 8 0061055.6
China ZL 2018 8 0025322.8
South Korea 10-2170876
South Korea 10-2329660
South Korea 10-2019-7031899
South Korea 10-2020-7029933
European Union 004426294-0001
China ZL 201830172839.2
Korea 30-1000646
Korea 30-1027344
China ZL 201830301704.1
European Union 005307576-0001
USA D903132 S
D903133 S
The United Kingdom 90044262940001

Novoxel believes in firm and effective trademark protection.  Thus not only patients and professional distributors, but also the public, rely upon trademarks to indicate uncompromising levels of trusted quality, high standards  and safety.

Accordingly, Novoxel believes that strict trademark registration and relentless enforcing of its Intellectual Property rights are essential, not only to enable confident commercial decisions and encourage fair competition, but also to protect the health and safety of patients worldwide.

Trademarks must therefore be used properly. As such, please follow these guidelines for legally permitted use of Novoxel’s trademarks in all communications, documents and electronic messages. Third-party use of Novoxel’s trademarks requires a specific license or prior written permission from Novoxel.

You may refer to Novoxel products and services by their associated Novoxel trademarks as long as such references are truthful, fair and not misleading, and comply with the following guidelines:

  • In the United States, use the appropriate trademark symbol “®” and trademark acknowledgment “™” of Novoxel’s ownership of the marks in question, whether word marks or logos,  in the first appearance of the trademark in a headline, and/or the first prominent use and first appearance in the body of a text. Outside the United States, use the appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example, “Novoxel and Tixel are trademarks of Novoxel Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other countries.”
  • Do not incorporate Novoxel trademarks (of any kind, including word marks and/or logos) into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos or company names, and do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to Novoxel’s marks.
  • Novoxel trademarks should always be used as an adjective and never as a noun.
  • Never use a Novoxel trademark descriptively or as a play on or pun on the trademark in taglines and/or headlines when referring to the goods and/or services associated with such trademark.
  • Never use a Novoxel trademark as an integrated word of a sentence and never hyphenate or abbreviate Novoxel trademarks.
  • Never incorporate Novoxel trademarks or any part thereof into a third party’s company name, service, product brand name or model number.

Please note that such guidelines may be modified by Novoxel from time to time at Novoxel's sole discretion.

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